"Canadian fans rejoice. Babylon 5 the series will be coming to Space: The Imagination Station starting September 14. The series will air Monday's to Fridays at 5pm ET. Space will also be airing Crusade starting in January. Space will head off it's broadcast of Babylon 5 with The Gathering airing Monday September 14 at 5pm ET in it's 2 hour format, however they are not sure which version they will be getting at this time. Space has also announced that they will be airing Thirdspace sometime in the fall.

TNT changes Babylon 5's Season 5 time slot. Season 5 will air at 10pm ET/PT Wednesdays starting August 19th. The encore run will air the following Monday night after WCW Monday Nitro at 11 pm ET/PT. The first encore on Monday, August 24th, however, will air at 1 am ET/PT since the Masters of the Martial Arts Special is already scheduled at 11 pm ET/PT.

Babylon 5 resumes it's broadcast in Sweedon starting August 30th. Check local listings for channel and times.

Season 5 begins in New Zealand starting September 5th, check local listing for channel and times.

And thats it here from the ISN Broadcast Centre. Have a nice day." -- ISN Reporter.

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Captain Ivanova Says: "Welcome to Babylon 5, the is Captain Susan Ivanova in Babylon Controll. We hope you enjoy your stay here on Babylon 5. Babylon 5 has just finished a refit of the station. The station has only been online for about 1 month now since it closed down in 2263, due to the neglogence of the Captain, Elizabeth Lochley. I full report of the last days of Babylon 5 under the command of Lochley, and well as reports of her Court Martial, by Earth Force and President Sheridan, will be available to all visitors in the near future. We've spent the last 2 years re-building the place and installing state of the art equipment.

Now, I might as well explain some of the changes here at Babylon 5, David Corwin has been promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander and is the XO of Babylon 5. Dr. Franklin has left Babylon 5 taking a position at Earth from Dr. Benjamin Kyle. Our new Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Lilian Hobbs. New crew member on board, who is on the command staff, Ensign Chris Sheridan, the President's nephue. And the President and Delenn (I really shouldn't be saying this but, what the hell) are planning on having a baby!! Isn't that exciting. I've already started the secret baby pool, what do you think, girl or boy?"

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2258: Signs And Portents

2259: The Coming Of Shadows

2260: Point Of No Return

2261: No Surrender, No Retreat

2262: Wheel Of Fire

The Jumpgate



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The Babylon 5 TV CalendarGeneral Andrew™ says: "Contains a 3 week listing for Space, TNT and Season 5 on CFMT."

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Have Docked At Babylon 5 Since It Reopened, July 5, 2265.

General Andrew™ Says: "Welcome to Babylon 5. Myself and the Command Staff hope you enjoy your visit here. Check out the season by season guides which each contain the episode guide for that season, the cast of that year, and much more in the near future. Also Babcom and Stelarcom are online and readt for you to use, as well as the new ICQ system which is replacing the previous "Link" system in the next little while. You can ICQ me by using the ICQ Panel underneith this message. The photo gallery is online. My Guide to the movies, is now online. Babylon 5, the galaxy's Last Best Hope for Peace is now yours to explore here. Captain Ivanova has returned to Babylon 5 after her one year leave of absence and has replaced Captain Lochley as CO of Babylon 5. Now enjoy your stay here at Babylon 5."

The Babylon Project was out last best hope for peace. It was a place of commerce and diplomacy. A shinning beakon in space, five miles long, carring a quarter of a million humans and aliens, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place. The year is 2265, the place, Babylon 5.

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